Now You Can Get 45 Nutrient-Rich Raw Greens, Vegetables, Superfruits, Exotic Herbs, Berries, And Spices In One Delicious Tasting Drink… WITHOUT Grocery Shopping, Juicing, Blending, or Making a Mess!

Hey it's Shawn Wells, head of Research and Development here at BioTrust and if you’re one of the 220+ MILLION Americans who fails to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day,1 today’s article will be the best news you’ve read all year.

Even though I pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle, I have to be honest with you and confess—I’m simply not a fan of munching on fruits and veggies all day long.

What can I say? I live in Dallas so I’m a meat and potatoes kind of guy!

Not to mention, in today’s fast-paced busy world it’s practically impossible to get all the nutrition we need from eating fresh produce.

For example, recent research conducted by the USDA discovered non-organic kale to contain over 51 different pesticides—the complete opposite of a health food by any standards!2

Furthermore, buying premade "green" juices at your local health food store is practically highway robbery (up to $10 for a single drink), and even worse, many of those are loaded with hidden sugars.

How about juicing your own fruits and veggies at home?

Well, after spending $250 or more for a decent juicer, along with the cost of POUNDS of organic produce to yield a single glass, there’s the additional "cost" of your time: grocery shopping, washing, cutting, and preparing all that produce – and then cleaning up the mess to boot, and the juicer! Terribly time-consuming and painstakingly inconvenient!

And how many veggies can you really eat every single day, day after day? Cups and cups of broccoli, spinach and kale? It’s just not practical or realistic for us “normal” folks.

Still, there’s no getting around the facts: I know when I fail to consume enough fruits and veggies each and every day it can eventually lead to toxic acid build up inside my body, which plagues the very core of my wellbeing and quality of life in a major way.

This is one of the many reasons I knew I had to come up with a long term solution to this challenge that is both convenient and affordable—for me, for my parents, for my loved ones, and for you!

Is YOUR Body Acidic?

You see, MOST foods in the American diet are highly acidic, and unless we can buffer all that acid with alkalizing fruits and vegetables, we’re sure to experience some rather uncomfortable consequences.3,4

Just think, are you experiencing any of these telltale signs that your body is potentially lacking in many critical nutrients while being in a highly acidic state?5–7

**Fatigue, feeling sluggish, tired and "heavy"
**Increased cravings, especially for sweets
**Excess body fat and trouble losing weight
**Skin issues
**Brain fog
**Weak and frail bones
**Joint discomfort
**Sensitive teeth
**Trouble sleeping
**Digestive distress

Without a doubt, these sobering concerns of excess internal acid are no laughing matter, and even worse, they could fester and get worse if left unaddressed.

But what specifically causes excess acid, and what can you do about it? For starters, as mentioned, the typical American diet is extremely acidic in nature.3,4 Just take a look at all of these common acid-producing foods:

**ALL grains (pastas, breads, pastries, crackers, cereals, rice, oats, etc.)
**Refined sugars and sugary foods (the average American consumes 150 POUNDS of sugar annually!)
**ALL meats
**Many types of beans
**Cheese & other processed dairy
**Many types of nuts & seeds
**Soft drinks
**Coffee & other caffeinated beverages
**Most sweeteners (both natural & artificial)
**Many condiments such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, and soy sauce

If you’re anything like me, I bet you eat many of these foods each and every day!

Then, there are other causes of excessive acid build up in the body, such as stress, an inactive lifestyle, and not drinking enough water (which hardly anyone gets the recommended 8 glasses a day).8

Heck, even a healthy high-protein diet can potentially be highly acidic if not counteracted with enough alkalizing fruits and vegetables!

But eating enough fruits and vegetables to really make a significant impact is both impractical and inconvenient, not to mention extremely expensive, especially when you have to spend 2 - 3 times the price for organic produce to avoid high levels of pesticides that can easily cancel out the benefits of eating healthy.

I’m sure this all sounds rather overwhelming, and believe me, I can relate. Simply put, getting the recommended amount of fruits & veggies every single day is too impractical, inconvenient, and expensive for the average American to do with any kind of regularity.9

The fortunate news, however, is that there IS a much easier, more convenient, considerably cheaper, and incredibly delicious alternative and it only takes about 30 seconds per day to consume.

Discover a much easier, more convenient, considerably cheaper, and incredibly delicious alternative

It’s called BioTrust MetaboGreens 45X™, and today I'm going to reveal the exciting details about this amazingly delicious superfood elixir, loved by fitness professionals, nutritionists, and seniors alike. We consider it to be "the best-tasting greens product on the planet"...even my mom and dad have given me rave reviews touting its delicious & sweet berry flavor. The second you taste it you’ll understand exactly why that is. It really does taste THAT good.

Now, if you’ve ever tasted another greens product, you realize just how big of a deal this is, as almost all other greens powders and supplements taste absolutely horrendous. I mean, just terrible…hard to choke down, even for a "health nut" like me. But with MetaboGreens 45X, we truly formulated this super greens sensation to taste absolutely amazing, enjoyable, and delicious. In fact, it’s sure to be something you actually look forward to drinking every day – what a treat!

Just a single serving of energizing, revitalizing, and refreshingly delicious MetaboGreens 45X helps combat dietary acidity by providing premium phytonutrients from 45 of the world’s most nutrient-rich veggies, superfruits, herbs and spices, including:

Organic Spirulina
Organic Cracked Cell Wall Chlorella
Organic Wheatgrass
Organic Alfalfa
Organic Barley Leaf
Organic Apple Fruit
Green Coffee Bean
Camu Camu
Aronia Berry
Sweet Cherry
Brussels Sprouts
Goji Berry
Reishi Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom
Astralagus Root

And more than 15 others!

That’s right, everything you see above and more in one tasty, easy to mix drink!

Furthermore, MetaboGreens 45X also:10–22

And again, all in less than 30 delicious seconds each day!

But you may be wondering "How exactly does MetaboGreens 45X translate to all of these amazing benefits for my energy, my vitality, my health, and my waistline?" Well, it’s all made possible through the power of 4 unique and premium superfood blends that can only be found all together in this one first-class greens super formula. Let’s quickly take a look at each:

Superfood Blend #1: Spectra™ TOTAL ORAC

Free radicals are health sabotaging molecules lurking inside your body that can damage your body’s fragile cells. Enter Spectra™ TOTAL ORAC, a full-spectrum antioxidant-rich superfood that combines one of the earth’s most potent, energizing fruit, vegetable, and herb extracts specifically formulated to:

*Combat free radicals
*Boost metabolism
*Curb cravings
*Support cardiovascular health
*Boost energy levels, and
*Defend against cellular aging

MetaboGreens 45X has an ORAC value of 10,000 per serving—translating to the same antioxidant power of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables, all in less than 30 seconds a day! Talk about an ultra-simple, incredibly convenient way to get the antioxidant power of 20 whopping servings of fruits & vegetables daily. With MetaboGreens 45X and Spectra™ TOTAL ORAC on your side, you’ll never have to worry about falling short on your fruit & veggie intake, or short-changing your health, ever again.

Now, to further show just how effective Spectra™ is, in a recent study published in the journal Food Science & Nutrition, researchers found that a single serving of this delicious superfood blend reduced ALL FIVE of the most destructive free radicals.10

And in yet another groundbreaking, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, researchers discovered that Spectra™ not only decreased total free radicals, it substantially inhibited free radical production right at the source.11

Even more, this same study also found that the participants taking Spectra™ showed significant spikes in their cellular oxygen consumption. Why is this so important? Well, more oxygen consumption means several incredibly awesome benefits for you:

**Significantly improved energy levels
**Notably increased mental clarity and concentration, reduced brain fog, and even better…
**Boosted metabolism

Talk about research-backed, metabolism-igniting, health-boosting results—benefits that your body, mind, and waistline will love all the same!

Superfood Blend #2: Organic Spirulina & Organic Chlorella

Chlorella and spirulina are "super sea vegetables" that contain powerful antioxidant phytochemicals, including carotenoids and chlorophyll, providing their rich green color. Specifically, organic cracked cell wall chlorella and organic spirulina (the same type used in MetaboGreens 45X) have been shown to:12–15,23–25

**Significantly boost antioxidant activity
**Shield against oxidative stress
**Decrease important biomarkers related to accelerated aging
**Promote immune function
**Increase energy levels
**Fight physical and mental sluggishness
**Improve mood
**Reduce body weight

Furthermore, these two super algae possess powerful detoxification properties, interfering with the absorption of potentially harmful environmental toxins that we are commonly exposed to via food, water, and even home cleaning products.17–20,24,26

Numerous studies have also shown that chlorella and spirulina exert a protective effect on the liver, the body’s primary detox organ—great news for anyone looking to further enhance, detoxify, and cleanse their internal systems.

Superfood Blend #3: Organic Prebiotic “Super Fibers” & Digestive Enzymes

We’ve packed each serving of MetaboGreens 45X with over 5 grams of fiber from 3 unique sources to boost your digestive and GI health; however, organic acacia gum, organic inulin, and beta glucan are anything but your ordinary fibers. Instead, these 3 "super fibers" are gut-friendly prebiotic fibers that help stimulate the growth of critically important healthy bacteria within your GI tract.27–29 In the end, these unique fibers support optimal digestion while at the same time boosting your immune system…a double win for your digestive system and overall health.

MetaboGreens 45X also provides a specialized blend of stomach-soothing superfoods, including the powerful digestive enzymes bromelain and cellulase, to help you optimally digest and absorb a very broad range of foods. True synergy at work!

Superfood Blend #4: Energizing Reishi & Shiitake Mushrooms

If you wake up tired or struggle with regular afternoon energy slumps, you’ll be excited to learn that in addition to Spectra’s energy-boosting properties, MetaboGreens 45X also provides a natural energizing blend of Japanese adaptogenic mushrooms (reishi & shiitake) to help kick-start your day and avoid those afternoon energy lulls, instead of having to resort to stimulant-filled energy shots, coffee and/or caffeinated soft drinks.21

Not only that, but both reishi and shiitake mushrooms have also been shown to support immune health, and when you’re feeling good, it’s only natural that you’ll also have more energy.30,31

Now, maybe you’ve tried other greens or "superfood" powders and found that they just didn’t work for you, or maybe that no matter how "good for you" they were supposed to be, you just weren’t going to force down what ultimately tasted like sewer sludge each and every day. Believe me, we understand, and that’s exactly why we created MetaboGreens 45X to be the #1 best-tasting, most effective greens product available anywhere…and here’s how you know that’s exactly what you’re getting:

4 Reasons MetaboGreens 45X Is
Head & Shoulders Above The Rest

**It Tastes AMAZING: We can’t emphasize enough how much we insisted MetaboGreens 45X taste absolutely delicious. It was a must for us, and believe me when I say we made it happen with flying colors. In fact, with its sweet, energizing berry flavor, we believe MetaboGreens 45X is the best-tasting greens product on the market today, hands down.

**It Mixes And Blends SMOOTHLY (NO grit): When it comes to mixability, other greens supplements are extremely gritty and anything but pleasant to swallow. MetaboGreens 45X, on the other hand, mixes smoothly and evenly with water, tea, juice, protein powder, or any other beverage you choose—leaving you feeling hydrated, energized and refreshed without the gritty texture.

**It Contains Only The HIGHEST Quality Ingredients, In The Correct Amounts: Another huge issue with other greens supplements is "fairy dusting" – when a company sprinkles a laundry list of popular ingredients into a product in miniscule amounts that are nothing more than window dressing. It’s like trying to bake a loaf of bread with a teaspoon of flour—you’ll never get the results you’re looking for. That said, MetaboGreens 45X contains only the highest quality ingredients, in the correct amounts, to ensure you get the results you absolutely deserve.

**It’s Backed By Real World Research: Virtually no other greens powder is backed by science to show how well it works. Yet MetaboGreens 45X contains Spectra™ TOTAL ORAC, a powerful blend of phytonutrient-rich fruit, vegetable, and herbal extracts that has been shown in human research to fight free radicals, boost metabolism, and increase energy. In other words, it’s backed by science and has been shown to actually WORK in the real world.

Remember, this amazingly delicious superfood elixir is made with organic ingredients.

It’s specifically designed to aggressively combat high dietary acid load by providing premium phytonutrients from 45 of the world’s most nutrient-rich veggies, superfruits, herbs and spices.

And even better, it does it all in an ultra-convenient, smooth and delicious energizing berry super drink that takes less than 30 short seconds to mix and enjoy each day!

Contrast that with time-consuming, inconvenient, impractical, bland and often downright unappetizing alternatives and you can easily see why MetaboGreens 45X is a convenient, economic, great-tasting solution to get your fill of fruits, veggies, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes and more.

In the end, with MetaboGreens 45X you will:

**Increase daily energy
**Boost the immune system
**Help clear brain fog and increase blood flow
**Enhance digestion and GI health
**Naturally detoxify, flush, and cleanse your body
**Hydrate and revitalize skin
**Curb cravings and naturally suppress appetite, and even better…
**Boost metabolism!

Yes, that’s right:

Increased energy, a healthier metabolism, improved immune health, and reduced brain fog in just 30 short and enjoyable seconds each day.

It really is that simple.

You’ll also be happy to know that MetaboGreens 45X is also soy-free, vegan-friendly, dairy-free, non-GMO and naturally sweetened (with no added sugar). It really is the best of the best, as that’s what you deserve.

To begin experiencing the delicious, energizing, and metabolism-boosting benefits of MetaboGreens 45X for yourself, simply choose your money-saving package on this page, and then click Add to Cart.

And of course, like with all BioTrust products, you're always protected by our industry-best 365 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, where you can get a refund of even empty containers if for any reason you aren't satisfied -- up a full YEAR after securing your order today!

Are we crazy? No, we're just so incredibly confident that you will see and experience the significant health-rejuvenating, cleansing, and energizing benefits of MetaboGreens 45X that we want to make it one of the easiest decisions you've ever made.

MetaboGreens 45X: 45 metabolism-boosting fruits and veggies in ONE delicious tasting drink… WITHOUT grocery shopping, juicing, blending, or making a mess!


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